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Sally Robertson Gallery offers Fine Art Botanical Prints of Roses, Orchids, Iris and other Garden Flowers, and sumptuous Floral Still LIfe images, as well as Floral Note Cards. The Gallery presents stunning FIne Art Prints of Watercolors done over more than two decades, many based on blooms in the artist's coastal garden in Bolinas on the Marin County Coast. For further information on the artist and her work, please visit

Latest Products

  • Winter Whites, Iceberg Roses

    Winter Whites, Iceberg Roses

    Iceberg Roses continue blooming throughout the season; these were picked in December, arranged in a cut glass bowl on a ceramic tile, with seashells in the foreground. Click thumbnail to view entire image.

  • The White Flower Bouquet

    The White Flower Bouquet

    The classic beauty of white flower bouquets includes White Tulips, Peonies in Pewter, Winter Whites (Iceberg Roses), October Roses (Mme ALfred Carriere) and September Whites. Boxed Note Card Suite, 5 blank cards (5.5" x 8.5") with Envelopes Printed and produced in the studio of Sally Robertson Click thumbnail to view entire image.

  • Arrangement in Blue

    Arrangement in Blue

    Dutch Iris pair with blue and white tiles in this classic still life. Click thumbnail to view entire image.